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Treatment Options And Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

While India might be a third world country based on the parameters of socio-economic development, but with regard to health and lifestyle, we have the same morbidity profile of a first world nation. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, asthma, and hypertension, as well as respiratory diseases are on the rise. The latest research about the state of India’s health published in the research publication ‘Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases’ reveals that over 61 percent of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle or non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
The contribution of metabolic risk factors such as blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol coupled with poor diet and alcohol abuse has doubled in India over the past quarter of a century. Conversely, the contribution of unsafe water and poor sanitation, as well as child and maternal under-nutrition, has halved. Even with this 50 per cent drop in figures, the number is still fair owing to the highly populous nature of a country like India.

Treatment options and the changes to prevent lifestyle diseases

The quick answer is, prevention, your guess is good as mine and that is ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ or more simply, prevention is better than cure. So, stick to the basics.

Read on to find out more about the approaches and figure out what is right for you


Pharmacological Therapy

When we look for preventing lifestyle diseases, the thing most of us do is just pop up a few pills. This is the most expedient of the lot and from an efficiency standpoint, this is the worst approach. Taking only pills or potions is like rubbing salt in the wound while trying to keep it contained, we exacerbate the problem - it's only a matter of time before you get too excited with the salt and the wound gets wild and unmanageable. In the first place, continuing the same lifestyle which is causing you the illness, just means your condition is worsening every day and your dosage will need to be increased every now and then to keep you safe.


Lifestyle modification as therapy

Previously termed non-pharmacologic therapy, this is the toughest of the lot. You will need to ditch everything that you considered fun and will need to be consistent too. Obviously, this will require a lot of determination, drive and diligence from your end. The important thing is figuring out why we want these changes and it takes a little bit of soul-searching.
The results could be stupendous, from an effectiveness standpoint. You may have tried before, perhaps declaring another attempt at a New Year’s resolution but without feeling much success. Making a lifestyle change is demanding, especially when you want to transform many things at once. And now, think of it not as a resolution but as an evolution. Set yourself with a positive attitude. Also, adopt an attitude of gratitude, you have a lot of things to thank for, know exactly what changes to make, Stick to the program, have a reason strong enough to keep going and get your cheerleader, make every calorie count and your chances of long-term success are really, really good.  Are you ready to kick off your lifestyle changing regimen?

Know more about lifestyle diseases


Here are a few tips to get real results and change your lifestyle for the better!


Know where you stand

The first step in preventing Lifestyle diseases is to know where you stand. Find out the status of your health by health screening. Talk to your doctor who will help you understand your current position and what goes on in your body. Once you’ve found out where you stand, you are one step closer to making changes to your lifestyle.   


Dietary Habits

Due to a busy schedule and a hectic lifestyle, a lot of people these days have canned foods or fast foods, packaged foods and from outdoor caterings. These are all unhealthy options and it’s irrefutable that a well-balanced diet goes in tandem with a healthy lifestyle.

The main factors in warding off many lifestyle diseases are what you choose to eat and what you choose not to eat. It is, hence, imperative to have homemade food and also add fruits, veggies and healthy snacks to your diet. 


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Stay hydrated gradually, all through the day. Drink fluids, or eat water-rich foods. It is essential to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to wash out toxins from your body. Good old H2O will help in keeping your body hydrated and your metabolism high.


Maintain a healthy weight

The root cause of most of the lifestyle diseases is obesity. It is, therefore, important to maintain an ideal BMI (Body Mass Index). Check your BMI and follow the BMI as per your age, height and weight. Keep in mind, losing weight to maintaining your BMI doesn't mean going hungry—it means eating healthy. So, make the right changes. Cut back unhealthy foods in your diet and replace them with healthy alternatives, with BMI in the back of your mind.


Get Adequate Sleep

Along with Diet - there's another miracle drug within our control: sleep. Getting adequate sleep is incredibly important for your overall health, to get your body work in complete harmony which prevents the lifestyle diseases.  


Workout and Physical Activity

Regular Physical activity helps you live longer and prevent many Lifestyle diseases. Now days apart from the gym, many other forms of workout are available, like   Yoga, Zumba dance, aerobics and Swimming. Choose the one that fits to taste and also, try to go for a walk as much as possible.


Manage Stress

Stress is another cause of many lifestyle diseases. You don't have to be overwhelmed by stress. No one’s life is completely stress-free but it’s significant to know how to manage the stress in your life. There are a lot of ways to manage your stress, Try taking a break, read books, meditation, good music, yoga etc. You can also manage your stress by burning off Some Steam through exercising which decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins (body’s “feel-good chemicals”)


Don’t light that next cigarette

Did you know? Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, of which more than 70 are known to be ‘confirmed’ carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer). When you quit smoking, you’ll be diminishing the odds of coronary heart disease up to 200% and there are hundreds of reasons to get excited about smoking cessation. So quit smoking. Your 37 trillion cells will thank you for receiving more oxygen and fewer toxins.


Closing thoughts – A combination of medications and lifestyle changes

The objective of using medications is to help healing or better a condition.  But it can’t fix everything. Then again, the human body also has some healing powers.  All we need to do is to offer our body with the right environment for healing with the proper lifestyle changes. So, giving the body a curative environment and supplementing with the right medicines will get you the best of both worlds.  Make all the required lifestyle changes and this is non-negotiable. Then see your health provider and discuss how best to supplement your lifestyle modifications with medicines to arrive at the most successful solution.

Fayth Clinic provides the best lifestyle disease treatment in Prabhadevi, with various Health Checkups. These health checkups help in early detection and treatment of your health issues. Get the best lifestyle disease screening in Mumbai from Fayth Clinic. Fayth Clinic is ISO certified medical clinic and diagnostic center with 4 clinics in Mumbai and 15 collection units. Our aim is to provide quality-based healthcare services in a time bound manner.
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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Lifestyle Diseases - Causes And Symptoms

As the name suggests, Lifestyle Diseases are the diseases that we invite through our day to day activities. Many of us don’t even realize that our wealth, education and carrier is nothing without good health. In spite of the rapid strides that we made in technology, we humans are still not fully equipped to embrace it.

Most people don’t even discern that they themselves are creating a platform for such disease through their day to day activities. Some of the lifestyle diseases that are common in today’s medical dictionaries are heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cancer, asthma, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, PCOD, depression etc. In order to wade into any disease, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the causes and symptoms of that disease. Let’s have a look into the causes and symptoms of various Lifestyle Diseases:


Causes and Symptoms of lifestyle diseases


Heart Disease:

Wrong dietary style and obesity is the major cause of heart diseases. The onslaught of restaurants and junk food itself became the manhole for such diseases. Eating a lot of fatty and oil food results in the accumulation of fat in arteries resulting in block and heart attacks. High-stress level, smoking, and alcoholism are add-ons.

Difficulty in breathing, increased heartbeat rate, fatigue, restlessness, pain in arms neck and jaws are some of the symptoms.



Shortage of insulin in the body is the major cause of diabetes. Insulin controls the blood sugar level in our body. Lack of exercise and excessive food intake can lead to obesity which results in our body becoming insulin resistant- that is our body will not use insulin properly.

Frequent urination, increased thirst, and hunger, unusual weight gain or weight loss are some of the visible symptoms of diabetes.



High blood pressure forces the heart to work hard to pump blood to different parts of the body which may lead to stroke or heart attack. Too much salt intake, physical inactivity, obesity, stress, thyroid disorder, sleep apnea are some of the major causes of hypertension.

Apparently, there are no noticeable symptoms of hypertension. Sometimes symptoms such as a headache, nervousness, head spinning, fatigue etc. are seen in some people.



Cancer is a condition in which some cells in our body grows and multiplies uncontrollably and destroy the nearby cells. Genetics is the main reason others involve alcoholism, smoking, pesticides in fruits and vegetables that we consume, consumption of hormone injected meat etc. Nowadays, hormonal changes due to late marriage and childbirth in women have become a leading cause of breast, cervical and uterus cancer in women.

Symptoms of cancer will vary depending on the part which is affected. Some general symptoms seen in most patients include fatigue, lump in the affected area, weight loss, persistent unexplained muscle or joint pain, changes in bowel or bladder habits etc.


Liver Cirrhosis:

Liver Cirrhosis is a chronic illness that put you and your family in jeopardy. Humans take their body for granted, but they are not realizing that there is always a break-even point. Chronic alcohol abuse is the major cause for liver cirrhosis. Chronic viral hepatitis (B or C), liver diseases like fatty liver are other reasons.

Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, muscle cramps, weight loss nausea, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, easy bleeding, swelling in legs, irregular periods in women etc.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:

It is a condition in which the level of male hormone androgen increases in a woman’s body. The underlying cause of this change is unknown. But one can control this by modifying their lifestyle. The right diet and adequate exercise can go a long way in helping you deal with it.

The common symptoms seen in most women are irregular menstrual cycles, overweight, hair loss, skin problems, bleeding, and infertility.



Even though we know that the adverse effects of pollution are irrevocable, we are blindfolding ourselves to cop up with our busy lives. Air pollution itself is the major cause of asthma in people, especially those living in metropolitan cities.

Difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and difficulty performing normal daily activities, sleep disturbances etc. are some of the common symptoms. Asthma attack can escalate suddenly, therefore early identification of symptoms is crucial.



The number of patients suffering from depression has grown rapidly in the last decades. The stress and tension in all walks of life are very much affecting the mental health of this generation. Difficulty in coping up with a loss, conflicts, major illness etc. affects a person’s mental health poorly. Straining relationship in the family is a major cause of depression in children.

Anxiety, irritability, sadness, tiredness, anger, loss of interest, trouble focusing, poor appetite, sleep issues are some of the visible symptoms of depression.


The First Step Towards Change Is Awareness:

We, Fayth Clinic, need to deal with this situation pragmatically. Early detection of health problems is the stepping stone for maintaining good health. We provide lifestyle disease treatment in Prabhadevi, with various Health Checkups which assist in early detection and treatment of your health issues. They provide lifestyle disease screening in mumbai. Fayth Clinic which is ISO certified medical clinic and diagnostic center with 4 clinics in Mumbai and 15 collection units, our aim is to provide quality-based healthcare services in a time bound manner.
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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Different Types Of Lifestyle Diseases

“Lifestyle Diseases”!! Have our ancestors ever thought of such a disease? No…Never. It is our wrong choices that contributed to the development of such preventable chronic diseases. Even when trying to put the blame on external factors such as modernization, urbanization and many more, deep inside our mind we know that it’s all result of the choice that we made in our life. If you try to dig the cornerstone for all these diseases, you will end up the journey inside you.


Types of lifestyle diseases:

Everything at your fingertip, the phrase that we here every day. Rapid strides in technology made our life easy, comfy and expedient. But nobody realized the menace that is hiding behind it. According to the WHO estimates about 63% of the mortality worldwide are due to lifestyle diseases. Some of the lifestyle diseases that must be tackled for a healthy “generation next” are listed below:


Heart Diseases

The risk of heart disease co-morbid with diabetes and hypertension. Our indulgence in junk food and lack of physical activity is one of the major factors that contribute to heart diseases. Obesity taking the lead role in heart failure is a collaborative result of many other factors.


Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes- the aftermath of a sweet revenge. Eating too many sweets may result in high blood sugar leading to further complications like loss of eyesight, kidney failure, poor wound healing etc. Lack of exercise and obesity are other factors that cause diabetes.



High blood pressure is one of the most common lifestyle diseases which is not taken seriously by many. But we are forgetting the fact that it can become the underlying cause for many other serious diseases. Poor eating habits including fried and fatty food products, aerated drinks, lack of exercise etc. are the prime factors.



When it comes to cancer the list is never-ending. Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Lung Cancer, Oral Cancer and many more. At least one member in every family is suffering from cancer now a day. From junk food, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, processed meat to smoking, alcoholism, drugs- factors are many.


Liver Cirrhosis:

Liver Cirrhosis develops when the scar tissue in your liver replaces your healthy tissue, making it lumpy and hard and eventually fail. Alcohol consumption being the major factor that causes liver cirrhosis, fatty liver due to obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure are other leading factors.


Polycystic ovary syndrome:

It is a condition in which the level of male hormones increase than normal preventing the ovaries from making egg normally in women. This hormonal imbalance result in irregular periods, increased number of cysts in the ovaries, infertility, bleeding, weight gain, hair loss, acne, and other skin problems. Irregular sleeping and eating pattern cause imbalance in the level of melatonin and serotonin which further affect the insulin level in your body. This contributes to long-term health problems like diabetes and heart disease.



Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airway causing wheezing, chest congestion and shortness of breath. Air pollution being the major cause of asthma, it can be grouped under lifestyle diseases. Sitting under the shade of a tree and breathing in the fresh air is long gone. We now live in AC apartments with air purifiers.



In our race to make money, the stress and tension that we are going through are getting unnoticed. The competition in every field from our school days to office desk is carving away our health. Not able to reach at par with the busy schedule is the leading cause of frustration and depression.


Better Late Than Never:

Despite the understanding of a healthy lifestyle, we are not preparing ourselves to do the needful. Many patients are inadequately prepared to either start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is equally important to monitor our health frequently and act wisely. 

We Fayth Clinic is here to provide you with various Health Care Services including Health Checkups, Medigym, Rehab Programs for obesity, heart diseases etc. to assist you in leading a healthy life. They provide the best lifestyle diseasaes treatment in Prabhadevi. Fayth Clinic which is ISO certified medical clinic and diagnostic center with 4 clinics in Mumbai and 15 collection units, our aim is to provide quality-based healthcare services in a time bound manner.
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Know More About Lifestyle Diseases

October is a very exuberant time in India. Dussehra is around the corner. Mumbai city is getting ready to welcome the festival of light, music and dance. Shopkeepers are busy arranging Dussehra sweets. Aromatic food stalls are erected to savor our taste buds. The nook and corner of the streets are filled with vendors selling wide variety of colourful firecrackers. Every mother and wife are busy preparing sweets to feed their loved ones. The whole air is filled with high spirit of happiness and merry.

But have you ever thought of what comes along with this happiness? Have you ever realized that you are unknowingly harming them with your love? It is not happiness alone that fills the air, but the pollution from burning firecrackers. Eating too much of sugar raises the risk of obesity and associated health risk. Our body is prone to many lifestyle health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoarthritis, gynecological problems such as infertility, respiratory problems etc. When you indulge your sweet tooth too often. Air pollution is one of the major cause of Asthma, which is a chronic disease that has to be taken care of seriously.

A deep insight into this matter makes us realize that sugar intake and pollution are not the only cause, people themselves are creating platform for such diseases through their day to day activities. A drastic change in the diet and lifestyle have taken away our health, sleep, peace and happiness. Rapid stride in the field of technology has made life cozy. People became sedentary as everything is at their fingertip. Lack of physical activity is augmenting the problem.

(know more @ Lifestyle Diseases)

It is our responsibility to keep our life in fine fetters. We keep reminders for annual maintenance of electronic appliances and gadgets at home. But we are forgetting that our body is the most sophisticated machine in the world and it deserves proper care and maintenance. So, if you want to stay healthy and keep away from lifestyle diseases it is a prerequisite to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime. Timely health checkup ward off lifestyle disease that can even cost your life.

Fayth Clinic stands hand in hand with you to improve the quality of your life and promise you a brighter and healthier future. Fayth Clinic is an ISO ceritified medical clinic and diagnostic centre with 4 clinics in Mumbai and 15 collection units. Our aim is to provide quality based healthcare services in a time bound manner. We are here to provide you with various Health Care Services including Health Checkups, Medigym, Rehab Programs for obesity, heart diseases etc. to cater to your needs and bringing back the euphoria in you. They provide the best lifestyle disease treatment in Prabhadevi. Let’s join hands to celebrate the victory of good over evil by setting a blaze on our unhealthy lifestyle.
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Monday, 23 April 2018

Health Checkup Packages For LifeStyle Diseases : Fayth Clinic With Attractive Offers

Lifestyle diseases have been one of the most hectic headaches for the people today due to their unhealthy and tedious lifestyle. The present lifestyle can invite many diseases, and also, the lifestyle diseases do not leave you so easily once captured.

Lifestyle Disease Management Campaign mumbai

Lifestyle diseases are the diseases that are caused by the irregular and unhealthy lifestyle which includes lack of exercise, over-consumption of junk food etc. The irregular working schedules, improper working postures, and the intense stress are also prime reasons for lifestyle diseases. The hectic lifestyle due to the imbalance in work and personal life is another major issue.

 The most common lifestyle diseases are high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases, PCOS, cirrhosis, liver damage etc. The key to escaping from the lifestyle diseases is to maintain a very healthy and disciplined lifestyle as well as to have effective checkups and diagnosis at regular intervals of time.  While the whole world is busy building his/her own empire, it would be the best and wise to spare an ample time to yourselves, to review your health conditions. Fear not, for we, Fayth Clinic is your best partner in the health check-ups for lifestyle diseases. We, at Fayth clinic, makes it possible for you to get your medical check-ups done within a speculated time in an amount suiting your pockets.

Lifestyle Disease Management Center Mumbai

With the help of an efficient questionnaire that our experts prepared, we try to evaluate and decide the lifestyle diseases that have been troubling you. On the basis of the answers of the candidates, the level of lifestyle disease will be determined to be moderate, intense or light. On the basis of the results, the major lifestyle diseases faced by the patients are determined to start the treatments. 

We make it possible to bring these services available to you at very reasonable prices hence known as the best Lifestyle Disease Management Center Mumbai. Grab your appointment for lifestyle disease screening mumbai before its too late to lose your chance of the 20% offer exclusively for you, decrementing the MRP from Rs 7150 to Rs.5720.

So, what is the delay? Fayth clinic is here waiting to serve you!
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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Life has been a hustle these days, and no one is concerned to take care of their health due to their busy lives. This has caused people to be unaware of the health issues and thus skip the routine checkups one has to undergo for maintaining good health. Diagnostic test results, including blood tests, inform approximately 70 percent of medical decisions making it important.

home Visit for blood test

Among the diagnostic tests, blood tests have a great importance because about 50 % of the conclusions in the medical report have arrived from the laboratory data. But many of the people find it difficult to reach out the laboratories to have a blood test nowadays either due to the busy schedules or due to any other reasons. Fayth clinic in Mumbai is here to help you with all your needs by reaching you at your homes.

How Fayth Clinic Serves You.......

Yes, We, the Fayth Clinic, multi-specialty ISO 9001:20015 certified clinic has been providing the best diagnostic services and we are happy to continue our services to reach your home. You only need to browse through and purchase our diagnostic packages at our online portal. You can now fix an appointment with us to collect your blood samples and get your blood tested at the comfort and convenience of your homes. The result reports can be couriered, emailed or collected directly from the clinic depending on the convenience of the patient.

Using this facility of ours can help the senior citizens when the traveling is difficult or when the patient is disabled or not in a position to travel. We can save your precious time and provide you with the most accurate results in stipulated time. Our team consisting of well equipped medical technicians are experienced and trained to handle the diagnosis with ultimate care and hygiene in the most sterile and unprolific surroundings.

We provide the best opportunity for you to take care of your health without changing or adjusting your work-plans thus making it more easier and comfortable.

We do care about your health as it is our responsibility!
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