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Protect Yourself With The Help of Vaccinations

To improve the immunity in humans, an antigenic material is injected in the body which is called vaccination. Our body’s immunity acts as a defense system from infections and diseases. The vaccination treatment eradicates many diseases and reduces the impact on our population. Vaccines prevent the entire world from communicable and contagious diseases. Vaccines can be a preventive measure for all age groups. Let’s now look at some of the Vaccinations for Teenagers.

Vaccinations for Teenager

Hepatitis B is recommended for people between 0-18 years. People who are found with Hepatitis B infection are usually affected twice during their lifetime. If teenagers miss administering themselves with this vaccine at a young age, they should be sure to do it at least at a later stage in life. People above 18 years have an increased risk towards hepatitis infection. These aged people might be sexually active, living with the infected persons, exposed to outer surroundings, and lead a normal life following a Hepatitis B vaccine.

Children aged 11-12 are recommended for HPV vaccine before being exposing to any virus. HPV vaccine is divided into three types such as Gardasil, Gardasil-9, and Cervarix, that are given in 3 doses. Girls should receive at least 3 doses to prevent themselves from HPV whereas boys need 3 doses of Gardasil (HPV4) or HPV9 Gardasil. Three shots of HPV doses prevent teenagers, elders, and adults from Human papillomavirus.

The Tdap should be given to children aged 11-12 and the same can be administered in 13-18 years of age, if they fail to take the first dose at the early stages of life. Pregnant adolescents should receive one dose of Tdap, if they are not already vaccinated. The persons who do not get Tdap are recommended for Td boosters. Td booster doses are recommended for every 10 years, in case of adults.

MCV is recommended for people between the age group of 11-12 years and a booster dose should be given in 16 years. Teens who received the first MCV dose in 13-15 years should again receive the booster at 16-18 years. At least one dose of Meningococcal vaccine should be administered to the unvaccinated college students, especially freshman living in dormitories. MCV vaccine is necessary for everyone.

Teenagers are more exposed to pneumococcal infection and the problems associated with that. They are recommended to have this vaccine.

If a teenager falls between 13 years and above, two doses must be given within a month.

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