Monday, 3 April 2017

The Increasing Threat of Obesity in Children

Chubby babies look too cute and cuddly but with increasing age, fat in children makes them prone to a lot of difficulties. Obesity in children is growing at a very fast rate. Even though this can be attributed to their polarity towards junk food, it cannot be taken lightly. Not just health, but self-confidence also takes a hit with obesity. They get mocked by friends for their extra weight, which can negatively influence their confidence and character with time.

What was once considered as diseases of adults has made their appearance in children as well. With a growing incidence of diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol in children, obesity in children has assumed alarming proportion. It needs to be addressed as early as possible to ensure the healthy well-being of the child. A proper diet coupled with proper physical activity can help in reduction of weight.
Symptoms of obesity in children
Obesity cannot be measured with eyes. A few extra pounds on a child cannot necessarily mean obesity. Symptoms of obesity include a BMI above 30. It can be obtained by dividing the weight of the child in kilogram with the square of his/her height in metres.
Causes of obesity in children
Obesity can be a result of life style choice with high calorie food intake and lack of physical activity. They have some hereditary as well as hormonal connections as well the risk factors associated with obesity are as follows: -
  • Diet consisting of high calorie food and drinks
  • Lack of exercise which leads to accumulation of fat
  • Children with a family history of obesity are prone to be obese than people who have no hereditary connections
  • Stress and family issues can lead to obesity as many children cope with stress by eating
  • Socioeconomic factors that limit the availability of better and healthy food.

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