Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Chest Pain – Watch Out Those Irregular Beats

Chest pain is one of the most common causes of panic that makes you rush to emergency care, what with the increasing incidence of heart disease and associated conditions today. The growth of these diseases has been so alarming that heart blocks and heart attacks have become a common scenario.

Our lifestyle choices including our dietary preferences and stress of work have all taken a toll on our health, especially heart health. The only way out is to follow a health life pattern, while getting yourself checked up regularly. After all isn’t it better to be safe than sorry!

The onset of chest pain does not necessarily mean a heart condition. However it doesn’t mean you can take it lightly. Chest pains differing in intensity, quality, location and duration might define different conditions like a serious heart disorder or other conditions that are not life threatening.But it can be diagnosed in one of the best clinics for chest pain treatment Fayth Clinic,Mumbai

Causes of chest pain

Although we consider the initial instances of chest pain as a symptom of an imminent heart attack, they can occur due to different causes as well. Some of them are caused due to gastrointestinal issues like heart burn or issues with swallowing of food. Chest pain can occur due to lung related issues like bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchospasm and the sort as well.
Chest pain can be caused due to bone or muscle related causes as well. Sore muscles or bruised bones can result in chest pain. Panic attacks and reactivation of viruses such as those that cause chicken pox can also cause instances of chest pain.

Look out for these symptoms
Here are some symptoms that accompany chest pain, when it is caused due to heart related disorders:

  • Tightness and pressure in chest
  • Pain in jaws, arm or back
  • Dizziness, fatigue or light headedness
  • Nausea and abdominal pain
  • Pain during exertions
  • Shortness of breath

Heart conditions can be diagnosed by conducting a blood analysis, ECG and Echo test among others. The areas and extend of blockage can be ascertained by conducting an Angiogram.

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