Monday, 5 September 2016

Do Health Checkups and Stay Healthy

Women must take a general health check up at each and every year. As a part of it, you may need to discuss with your doctor about medical and family history.
Regular Health Checkup, exams, and tests will help you to find the health issues before they start. They also help us to find problems early, In the case of women, they need some extra screening test.  

Some disease such as cardiovascular (heart disease), diabetes, some types of cancer can be identified in their early stages, then the treatments will be more effective.

Some Important Tests for Women
  • Pelvic Exam : type of an exam to check the female internal organ’s  size and shape.
  • Pap Test : type of test to check cancer of the cervix.
  • Clinical breast exam : to identify the  breast cancer.

  • Blood pressure :  After an age of 18 you must check your blood pressure at every two years. If you have any family history  of high blood pressure, it is better to test more frequently.
  • Blood Test : Check your sugar and cholesterol level. If you are over 45 you should have these tests  at every year or two.
  • Weight Checkup :  It is important to check BMI (Body Mass Index) at every two year

Rather than simply treating the disease , Fayth Clinic offers awareness programs too which in a big way help patients to prevent them in future. The hospital provides all types of health checkups for women like Blood Pressure, Blood Test and Weight Checkup etc.
Fayth Clinic has mainly two centers in Mumbai where regular health checkup for women is conducted. The addresses are given below:

Female Health Checkup Clinic in Prabhadevi 

Shivshakti CHS, A-Wing, 1st Floor,
Next to Sahakari Bhandar,
S.K. Bole Road, Agar Bazar,
Prabhadevi, Mumbai:400025
Flat No. 104, 1st Floor, A-Wing,
Above Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri
L. T. Road, Borivali (W). Mumbai 400092.

If you have any doubts regarding women health issues or check up contact our experts through on-line chat service in our website.

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