Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Adopt Healthier Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Diseases

Current generation is exposed to many Lifestyle Diseases undoubtedly. There is a huge difference if you start to reckon the factors. First of all, food that plays a major role in keeping us healthy. In earlier days, the natural foods like millet's, cow milk were consumed. Apart from that, they did not do any exercises, walking as we do now purposely. 
Youngsters and their overwhelming problems:
The unavoidable key diseases which affect our youth are poly cystic ovarian syndrome (women), Depression, Diabetes (Juvenile), Hypertension, Syndrome X, obesity, and acne & skin pigmentation. Have we ever concluded that why such ailments affect our society in young age? The core factors can be numbered as genetic, eating junk foods, and hypersensitivity behavior. If  proper medical care is not administered at the correct time , the results will lead to various untreatable ailments after some years.

What we do at Fayth clinic, Mumbai?
Fayth Clinic at Prabhadevi and Borivali in Mumbai is an ISO certified Multi-speciality clinic which is owned by Dr. Paula Goel, an adolescent and pediatric physician and Dr. Saurab Goel an Interventional Cardiologist. Fayth clinic at Mumbai do various diagnostic services before prescribing a proper treatment or consultation for the patients.

As all we agree, Metro cities will always be multifaceted with embodiment of stress that makes everyone especially youngsters highly stressed. Stress is found to be the main reason for developing the above-said ailments.
Equipment – add-on to the traditional treatments:
Here at our Fayth Clinic meticulous diagnosis for obesity, stress, hypertension, juvenile diabetes, PCOS, Syndrome X is done and pinpointed treatments are advised by the concerned doctors. A highly equipped gym for obesity, diabetes and Medispa at Prabhadevi, Mumbai offers various types of massages that rejuvenate the patients, dermatological special treatments, foot acupressure therapy, hair fall treatment, and myotherapeutic treatments for stiffened muscles are offered to  patients.

A trusted clinic to make hale and healthy:
A message is to register here for youngsters that “Don’t run away or endure your problems, join us for an effective consultation to stay healthy and walk ahead with a stress-free life”.

Fayth Clinic offers Best Lifestyle Treatment in Mumbai with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff.
Visit us:  www.faythclinic.com
Mail us: paulagoel2014@gmail.com

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