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High Alert: Don’t Ignore Lifestyle Diseases in Youth

Nowadays, youth is subjected to different types of diseases due to their hectic lifestyle. In simple words, these are termed as Lifestyle Diseases as they are caused due to a busy schedule and improper diet. All these diseases are insidious in nature, which takes more time to develop and once affected will not be cured so easily. As a ray of hope, all these diseases can be prevented by maintaining a proper diet and a good lifestyle. It is always said that prevention is better than cure. So in order to get rid of these common diseases, youth should definitely follow a perfect lifestyle with proper diet.

  • According to the analysis carried out by WHO in 2005, it is clear that by 2020, most of the Indians are going to die due to lifestyle diseases.If you observe Indian lifestyle from past few decades, you will witness the fact that there is huge change penetrated into the lifestyle of Indians due to urbanization, civilization, modernization and socialization. With time, food habits have been changed completely along with time schedule to have food, which has become risk factors today causing different lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and much more. It is the fact that by eliminating these risk factors one can control the occurrence of diabetes and heart diseases by 80% and the dreadful disease cancer by 40%. Compared to other nationalities, Indians are 4% more suffering from lifestyle diseases causing a decrease in lifespan. If it continues, in future, the lifespan will be reduced by 10 years and the population at risk will also reduce to 30+ younger rather than 40+. So it is really high time to take action towards these lifestyle diseases.

Some Common Lifestyle Diseases and their Facts
Prevention of common lifestyle diseases is only possible when you gain enough knowledge about these diseases. These are most common diseases seen in youth today, which occur due to improper lifestyle viz., Diabetes, heart stroke, obesity, hypertension, stress-related diseases etc. In order to prevent them to the core, it is necessary to gain a sound knowledge of these diseases, their symptoms, and facts.
Facts about Diabetes and Obesity
  • Obesity is the common problem seen today in India. Many people especially young generation suffering from this problem due to improper food habits.
  • According to analysis, more than 31% urban people in India are suffering from obesity which is termed as risk as it leads to heart diseases.
  • Diabetes is another major disease seen in India which is growing day by day.
  • Proper assistance from doctors and proper diet maintained lifestyle will only help youngsters to overcome these lifestyle diseases.


Heart Diseases
  • Compared to past 10 years, people subjecting to heart diseases have increased. It is more in the case of youngsters.
  • Main reasons for heart diseases are obesity, stress, and improper diet. It is high time to take action against these diseases as they are already risking young generation life.
Hypertension and Stress
  • Hypertension and stress are the main things seen in young generation today due to work pressure, leading to heart ailments and high blood pressure.
  • According to analysis, it is said that every two out of three employees are subjected to high stress which is really risky to health.
  • Due to unhygienic food habits and work stress, urban Indians especially youth are suffering from cholesterol problem leading to heart diseases.
All these diseases can be cured if find out on time. But there are some diseases which are difficult to say when they will attack like heart strokes. So it is advisable to maintain proper diet and lifestyle to avoid all these diseases. Lifestyle diseases in youth can be prevented if they start living healthy lifestyle immediately.

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